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Sozialwerk St. Georg e.V.

Sozialwerk St. Georg e.V. was founded in 1952 by the Catholic parish of St. Barbara in Gelsenkirchen-Buer-Erle, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, to help people with support needs. The original commitment was to enable participation in society and the achievement of equal rights for people with disabilities. Through our ongoing development, we have emerged as a social services company with differentiated services. 

Our goal is to provide person - centered services on Christian based values which enable people in need of assistance to live a self-determined life.

The headquarters of Sozialwerk St. Georg is in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. In 2017, from over 5,100 client care cases, Sozialwerk St. Georg e.V. was able to provide assistance to approximately 4,500 people in need. Roughly 2,700 staff members supported clients in 50 care facilities, in 10 facilities with external apartments, and 43 outpatient contact and drop-in centres throughout North Rhine-Westphalia. Care was provided in both in- and out-patient capacities in the areas of accommodation services and support in daily life, work and activities, the everyday and leisure time. More information at

Business Figures (31.12.2017)  
Clients approximately 4,500
Total number of assistance cases approximately 5,100
Employees (heads) approximately 2,700
Personnel costs 111,8 m. €
Turnover (care charge) 139,5 m. €
Total Turnover 152,1 m. €
Inpatient facilities 50
Facilities with external apartments 10
Outpatient facilities 43

We offer people with disabilities and mental illness structures which allow flexible change-over between in-patient and out-patient levels of care. Our concept is to respect the uniqueness and dignity of the individual and to provide him or her with the support needed to lead a self-determined life. Sozialwerk St Georg has been committed for more than 30 years to helping these people integrate into the community and to helping them to live in a free and self-determined way. A network of outpatient assistance, shared care and inpatient care schemes has been developed which meets the needs of care in the community. 

The Sozialwerk St. Georg has a special offer for elderly care.  The concept based on the providing ambulatory care for people suffering from dementia who live in private group settings 8 people using elements of Ambient Assisted Living.

Ambient Assisted Living

Ambient Assisted Living represents life in an assisted environment supported by ‘intelligent technology’. A wide range of person-orientated services is available through the technology’s sensitive and adaptive reaction to people and objects. The aim is to enhance personal space and prolong autonomy by (re-)establishing individual independence. The target group encompasses people in all work and leisure life situations, especially the elderly living alone and/or people with disabilities.

Assistance concept

Our assistance concept is based on the Quality of Life approach following Robert Schalock & Miguel Verdugo. Our person-centered assistance concept is characterized by the assignment of “Teilhabebegleitung” performing case management activities. The concept aims to support the client individually as an expert in his own cause. Therefore, planning and implementation processes are run with maximum client involvement. Support activities are targeting changes in order to extend (measurable) quality of life finally. 

The Quality of Life approach uses a conceptual framework consisting on 8 domains (Click to enlarge):


Sozialwerk St. Georg e.V.; 

Uechtingstraße 87, 45881 Gelsenkirchen; Germany